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Looking to Buy?

No Detail is ever overlooked when finding the right home for you! As a buyers agent, you are my client and I will represent you, the buyer,with any properties that are not listed by me personally. I act solely in your best interest and guarantee you the best negotiated prices and terms.

As a buyers agent, I will provide full disclosure of information about each listing. If I know it, you will know it! I can protect you from any foreseeable risks. I will not represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction.

Need Directions and maps of the areas you are interested in?

Click here for a map of the "eastern shore of Maryland" use this feature to locate the towns on the shore where you might be interested...Just type the name of the town and a map will appear with directions to the area.

I'll help you find properties around the state as a "buyers agent".

For International, out of state, and local persons of interest, feel free to contact me for information of possible listings I may know of in other areas of Maryland. I may be able to help you with personal contacts, or friends in other areas.

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